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Assessment and Accreditation in Higher Ed is high-stakes and overwhelming. There’s a better way.

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Created by educators for educators, Weave’s accreditation platform is uniquely designed for empowering higher education to prepare for institutional and programmatic accreditations.

Why? Because we’ve been in your shoes.

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"Weave is organized in a way that allows you to save your time and energy for the larger conversations about what we do with this information - what's meaningful about the data is how you talk about it, what it means for the students."

Melody Rensberger, Southern California University of Health Sciences

"I saw Weave and knew immediately that's the piece that brought everything together where we need it in one place."

Allen Dreyer, Clarks Summit University

"Weave also does a wonderful job of providing resources for institutions."

Lisa B., Executive Director, Commission on Accreditation

"The tools that they're offering are not just products of software labors they're products of their actual understanding of the things that we're putting into the software."

Michael J., Associate Director, Accreditor

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You’ll see why 3,200+ members use Weave to streamline their accreditation, assessment, learning analytics, curriculum mapping, strategic planning, and program review processes to improve the experience for everyone.