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Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
2-3pm EST/11-12pm PST

Webinar 6 – Example of a Successful Program Improvement Effort

In this webinar, you’ll learn how professors from James Madison University spearheaded one of the most successful program-level learning improvement efforts to date.

Recorded Webinars

Assessment to Learning Improvement

Webinar 1 – Assessment Paper Pusher to Improvement Hero: The Journey Begins (Series)

In this first installment of the Evolving from Assessment to Learning Improvement Webinar Series, Fulcher and Good challenge attendees to take a hard look at assessment and orients the audience to more functional ways to align assessment with improvement.

Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning

Webinar 2: New Challenges to Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning (Series)

In the second installment of the Evolving from Assessment to Learning Improvement Webinar Series, Blaich and Wise review the relationship between different approaches to assessment and improvements in student learning.

Institutional Effectiveness Toolkit

Webinar 3 – Foregrounding Learning Improvement in Assessment

Have you heard a good story about assessment? Or a report that showcased how student learning improved? We have! And we would like to hear more.

Dr Michael Reder Cynthia Crimmins

Webinar 4 – Why Assessment & Faculty Development Need Each Other: Using Evidence to Improve Student Learning

Join us to learn practical steps in developing a coordinated effort between the assessment and faculty development offices.


Webinar 5 – Considerations and Resources for the Learning Improvement Facilitator

This webinar presents considerations, resources, and opens a dialogue on the role of learning improvement facilitators in advancing learning improvement.


Assessment 101: A Refresher on the Basics

Are you new to assessment, or could you use a refresher on some basics? Are you responsible for training your campus on assessment best practices? Then this webinar is for you!

Lindsey Guinn

Best Practices for Effective Administrative Assessment

Many campuses are experienced in academic assessment, but need more resources for effective administrative assessment practices. Lindsey Guinn of Washington & Jefferson College shares best practices.


Institutional Research: Holistic Approaches to Improving Performance and Culture

Hear from Dr. Christos Korgan, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at University of Saint Katherine, on how to structure and use IR to improve academic programs and culture.


Assessment Techniques
in Student Affairs

In this webinar, Dr. Darby Roberts and Kelly Cox of Texas A&M University discuss the role of student affairs in assessment and how to document effectiveness in student affairs.


Developing and Implementing a General Education Assessment Plan

Gain an understanding of how to develop and implement a general education assessment plan with Lindsey Guinn and Linda Troost of Washington & Jefferson College.


Creating a Systematic and
Collaborative Program Review

Learn how to create a data-driven process that results in continuous improvement with Dr. Kathleen Gorski of Waubonsee Community College.


Coordinating Program Reviews: What works? What doesn’t?

Dr. Catherine Wehlburg of Texas Christian University covers how to organize internal and external program reviews and how to overcome obstacles in the process.


Moving Assessment from Compliance to Continuous Improvement

Join Mary Clark of Carteret Community College to learn how to create a positive cultural change around assessment at your institution.


An In-depth Q&A Panel on Accreditation

This unique webinar is perfect for hearing answers to common questions, comparing notes and learning from peers working in assessment and accreditation.


Revised SACSCOC 2018 Principles of Accreditation: Addressing the New Standards

Have questions and concerns when it comes to the new SACSCOC standards? Hear from Marty Smith Sharpe, an experienced SACSCOC reviewer and consultant, on how to prepare your institution.


Preparing for the Upcoming
School Year: Summer Checklist
and Training Models

Have you started to prepare for the upcoming school year? Are you panicking about your endless to-do list? Don’t fear, Weave is here to help!


Using Implementation Fidelity Data to Evaluate and Improve Program Effectiveness

This session is an introduction of implementation fidelity assessment and a discussions of how it can be coupled with outcomes assessment data to inform more valid inferences about program effectiveness


A Simple Model for Learning Improvement

Dr. Keston Fulcher of James Madison University covers how to focus on and create a culture of learning improvement.


Using Assessment Reports to Spark Change and Opportunity

Dr. Catherine Wehlburg, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at Texas Christian University, talks about how to use annual assessment reports to spark dialogue and create action plans to enhance student learning.


A Practical Approach to Using Focus Groups in Higher Education

Dr. Paredes presents the ODU Method for conducting focus groups to capture information about academic programs, student services and success, as well as responding to state/accreditation demands for student employment information.

eBooks, Guides, and Case Studies

The Four-Year Countdown Guide to Successful Accreditation

The Four-Year Countdown Guide
to Successful Accreditation

This comprehensive accreditation guide starts four years out from accreditation and covers the most important tasks and tips, as well as potential obstacles, to help guarantee a successful accreditation.


Assessment and Accreditation Summer Checklist

This checklist is for both faculty and administrators preparing for the start of a new school year. Use the checklist to reflect on the past year, plan and start the new year on the right foot.

Truett McConnell University Case Study

Truett McConnell University Case Study

“We saw a cultural shift with our degree program coordinators once we had Weave in place and they were using that system.”

– Jessica Stribling, Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Software Buying Guide

Institutional Effectiveness Software Buying Guide

Download this 4-page guide now to find the best solution to simplify and and streamline your assessment and accreditation processes.

Weave in the News

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Article)

Getting Assessment Right: Simplifying Assessment in the Digital Era

The usefulness of assessment itself has been called into question, and many colleges struggle to get it right. However, some argue that the key to useful assessment lies in the methodology used to gather, contextualize and analyze data.