Strategic Plan Tracking Higher Education

Tie Strategic Planning to Institutional Effectiveness

Capture strategic planning for accreditation, assessment, reporting, and institutional effectiveness all in one easy-to-use software system.

Higher Education Strategic Planning Is Often Separated From Other IE Activities, Creating More Work and Frustration.

There’s a Better Way. 

Strategic Planning and execution is a critical component of fulfilling an institution’s mission and vision. While planning is related to many other activities (assessment, accreditation, etc.), too often it is isolated and inaccessible to the campus. This creates redundant work and a missed opportunity to identify successes and opportunities.

Tie Strategic Planning to Institutional Effectiveness in One Easy-to-Use Platform.

Use one strategic planning software platform to house goals, KPIs, outcomes, and results. Tie each to action plans and alignment reports for an efficient, cohesive picture of what’s happening throughout an institution.

Eliminate Redundancy

Tie related initiatives and data together to form a more comprehensive view of any initiative.

Garner Buy-In

Redundancy can seem like busy work. One easy-to-use software system that ties projects together is productive and promotes collaboration.

Streamline Planning Processes

Add value by aligning processes and data gathering to save time and produce accurate reports.

Make Data-Informed Action Plans

Use information from all activities to create meaningful and appropriate action plans for further growth and improvement.

Integrated Strategic Planning
& IE Software System

Customized Terminology

Use the terms that match your institution’s planning language. Create as many sets as you need, or just use one. 

Strategic Planning at All Levels

System, Institution, College, Division, Department, Program – create as many plans as you need and relate them to as many projects as you like.

Tie It All Together

Align goals and outcomes to strategic initiatives, and use reports with leadership and boards.  Track progress toward goals over time.


How are you partnering with your students?

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