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Program Review Your Way

Imagine an easy-to-use higher ed assessment and evaluation platform with your timeline, your requirements and for your process.

Typical Assessment and Evaluation Tools Are Too Standardized, Cumbersome, and Complex.

There’s a Better Way.

Higher education program evaluation is a critical component of institutional effectiveness, but each program is unique in its process. Without a technology solution, program review consists of unorganized reports in various formats with inconsistent sections. Other software platforms are rigid and unable to accommodate needed sections and customization.


Generate Consistent Reports with an All-In-One Program Review Platform.

Finding a solution with enough consistency yet flexibility can be a challenge. The solution? A straightforward yet customizable program review solution based on researched best practices that is actually sustainable over many years and different programs.

Simplify Your Process

Support your process with easy customization. Create fields to match your evaluation sections, process, and timeline. Not sure where to start? Use the templated options based on best practices at other institutions.

Promote Consistency & Organization

Easily ensure that programs are completing the same sections, attaching documentation, sharing the work, and receiving feedback in one streamlined location.

Align with Other Reports

Program review often references assessment and accreditation information. Eliminate redundancy by aligning data and narrative across areas.

Collaborate Easily

Assign programs and team members, provide instruction, and share feedback in real-time throughout the process in one workspace.

Your Assessment and Evaluation Solution

Support Annual and Comprehensive Periodic Reviews

Choose the cycle that fits your institution and which programs participate in each. Decide deadlines and milestones that work for you and your programs.

Live Easy-to-Read Reports

Inform various stakeholders with attractive reports that can easily be shared however you choose.

Support Along the Way

Access program review experts to assist in setup, rollout, and maintenance – including best practices and resources. 

Tablet Program Review Higher Education

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