About Us

Who Are We?
In a Word… You!

Weave was created at an institution by higher education professionals just like you. We’ve used Weave on our campuses, and we understand the unique challenges facing institutions, programs, faculty, and staff. In other words, we’ve been in your shoes.

We’re not just another software company. We’re a passionate partner, committed to helping you get the most out of your assessment and accreditation.

Our mission is to improve student learning through assessment and we do this by providing software solutions and expertise for institutional and programmatic effectiveness.

Our approach is to provide powerful software solutions that bring value, not complexity to your work. With technology costs in higher education exploding, we’re committed to providing the most user-friendly software on the market at a cost any size institution can afford.

You shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and quality – and it’s our mission to ensure that you never have to.

See why 500+ institutions use Weave to streamline their accreditation, assessment and credentialing processes and improve the assessment experience for everyone.

It’s All About the People

After 12 years of consistent leadership, our team is still comprised of practitioners from institutions. We’re a values-driven team of educators, administrators, and technologists—all dedicated to simplifying the management of institutional effectiveness.

Vag BoutsakisVag Boutsakis
Lead Product Developer, UI/UX

With over 15 years of programming and development experience, Vag is a critical part of Weave’s software. His skill for creating attractive and intuitive interface that is also powerful for institutions has helped thousands of users in their IE work. He has a knack for anticipating end user experience and creating workflows that are productive yet easy to use.

Jordan DentonJordan Denton
Manager, Customer Engagement

Jordan spent five years doing assessment work on a campus, including working with faculty and staff to create meaningful assessment plans and get the most out of Weave. She continues that same great work as part of the team, and adds to it by helping people think through creative ways to use our solutions.

Amy DykensAmy Dykens, EdD

As an assistant academic dean Amy successfully led reporting efforts for accreditation before joining Weave in 2012. This experience and serving as an accreditation reviewer inform Weave’s product development and user experience.  Her research interests include high-impact educational practices, learning assessment, institutional effectiveness and higher education policy.

Brian FarrellyBrian Farrelly
Regional Director, Business Development

Brian’s history in customer service, sales, and banking has prepared him to support the Weave team and customers through thorough attention to detail. He enjoys sharing Weave with institutions and expanding on creative ways Weave can be used to help campuses and organizations.

Kathy Farrelly

Kathy Farrelly
Director, Customer Engagement

Supporting Weave customers since 2012, Kathy uses her previous HR experience to assist new and long-time users in getting the most out of the system.  Kathy works with institutions beginning at implementation and throughout their journey as they grow their processes in Weave.

Jennifer Gray, MSWJennifer Gray, MSW
Director, Product Experience

As the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at a SUNY school, Jen’s valuable knowledge shapes the Weave user experience. Since joining the team in 2012 Jen has led over 150 institutions in using Weave and has turned their feedback into action through perfecting the interface and functionality of Weave.

Brian LodisBrian Lodis
Senior UX Designer

With over 16 years in design, Brian improves the Weave experience throughout our solutions. He is involved in working with higher education professionals on how Weave can solve challenges of IE work through an intuitive interface. His creative perspective ensures that Weave users navigate through best-practice workflows flexible for any type of institution.

Sheri Popp
Director, Professional Development and Member Success

Sheri spent eight years serving as an Associate Dean for Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness at a small college, where Weave played an important part in the assessment program. Prior to that, she spent 14 years as a K-12 classroom teacher. She is passionate about sound educational practices, including assessment that allows institutions to improve student learning while meeting accreditation requirements.

Victor RiveraVictor Rivera
Manager, Product Experience

Victor has a long track record of excellent customer service experience at two large companies prior to joining Weave in 2018. He strives to give the most accurate and professional service possible through thoughtful questions and careful listening.

Matt UreyMatt Urey
Executive Director, Business Services

Matt has been with Weave for 15 years and uses his background as an Assistant Director of Admissions to assist our team and customers in our business office. With a degree in writing and graphic design, Matt is also an important part of the events and marketing teams at Weave.

Mike VelonakisMike Velonakis
UX/UI Developer

Mike has a long experience in front end development in various industries. He likes to work in a methodical and consistent way, always having the best user experience in mind. His perception of the workflow of each part of the project and the attention to detail helps users maintain an excellent user experience.

Our History

Continuous improvement is in our DNA. It’s who we are.

Since our founding in 2006, Weave has been committed to the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Over the years, we have continued to evolve our solutions and capabilities.

Weave Timeline


WEAVEonline was born on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. A team of dedicated assessment professionals decided to develop a Web-based technology solution to solve the difficult challenges in academic assessment.

Performance Cloud / Academic Effect

Weave began the design and development of a comprehensive institutional platform. That framework was released at the Weave Connections Assessment Conference held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.


We combined the best of both worlds and returned to our roots and the name Weave. After more than a decade and 500+ members, Weave is currently offering its fourth generation of software applications designed by a team of educational professionals with years of on-campus experiences.

Our Collaborative Community

We understand that software alone isn’t enough to improve outcomes. Our goal is to bring people together both within their existing communities and as part of a larger Weave community. This extended community is comprised of assessment and planning professionals from colleges and universities from around the world who share best practices, tips, and advice with each other.

We’re fortunate to work in a field where the users of our software share their ideas with us. It enables us to continuously improve our tools for everyone. As members of the Weave team, our job is to preserve this culture of feedback to help us better serve our family of Weave users.