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Collective Accreditation Success Requires Collaboration: Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher Explains

Educating others is a collective responsibility and nobody knows this better than Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher, Higher Education Consultant at Global Educational Consulting LLC. Her journey twists and turns through the splendor of gifted programs, expanding outward to an evaluator’s perspective and even looping in and around regulatory matters — it’s really quite remarkable. Dr. Ross-Fisher’s […]

Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy, and Quality: A Conversation with CHEA

In a small, rural town, there is an agricultural college that has been locally hailed for its successes for nearly a century. As the only higher education institution within an hour’s drive, it serves to educate local students who come from strong agricultural backgrounds to make the best and most innovative farmers of tomorrow. With […]

7 Tips To Weave Assessment & Accreditation Together: Infographic

  Dear Assessment or IE Director – Welcome to the job you didn’t know you wanted! Most assessment, accreditation, and IE directors didn’t set out to be in their roles. Until recently, there were not even courses on those topics, let alone programs of study or career paths. Typically the jobs were filled by organized […]

Showcasing Your Assessment Work: How to Present and Publish

IE and assessment professionals often wear many hats, and are not always thinking about how to translate our work into publication or presentations. However, the scholarship of assessment is growing, and all of us have value to contribute. Weave sat down with Drs. Tisha Paredes, Nick Curtis, and Gina Polychronopoulos, and discussed how to be […]

Leading Assessment Training for Your Campus

  Often part of leading assessment on campus requires training faculty and staff. While many of us have been instructors, we may not have led any kind of professional development or training for our colleagues. It can feel intimidating, but we have several tips to make sure your events are successful. Training Basics Just like […]

Tips for Writing Targets

  A lot of time is devoted to writing student learning outcomes, which makes sense. These guide the rest of the assessment process and most directly tie to curriculum and programs. But what about writing targets? Without a well-written achievement target, we will not have reliable information on if those outcomes are being met. While […]

Targets Make the Assessment Process Go Round – How to Make Sure Yours Work Well

  As assessment has matured, we now see many programs and units have been developing mission statements, goals, outcomes, and measures for years. Surprisingly there is one part of the process that continues to be challenging – setting targets. An achievement target answers the question, “What are you looking for? What would success look like?” […]

Why Grades Are Not Assessment

  For as long as we have been assessing, faculty have asked “I spend a lot of time and effort grading – why can’t I use those?” The answer is actually quite nuanced, and makes a lot of sense once we discuss it. In truth, often the exact same assignments might be used for both […]

ALOs and IE Leaders: Partners in Accreditation

Always called to a life of helping others, Dr. Vince Erario, Director of Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Research at Life University, found himself as an “accidental academic.” Kicking off his career with nearly three decades of service as a chiropractor, Vince ventured into politics, quality assurance, and clinical work. Dr. Erario joined us to discuss […]

Real Assessment: How UNK is Shifting Assessment Culture to Move Beyond Data

While the perception and practice of assessment has certainly come a long way, it’s still not uncommon to hear challenges with buy-in, closing the loop, and culture of continuous improvement. As with any type of work, there may indeed be some cases of genuine opposition to doing assessment, or at least to doing it “right.” […]

Breaking Barriers: Accrediting for Inclusion with Dr. Martha Mock

There are approximately 300 higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities across the United States. But currently, there is a lack of standardized accreditation systems in place for those programs.  In the latest episode, Dr. Martha Mock, professor and director of the Center for Disability and Education at the University of Rochester and chair […]

The Real Value of Accreditation

Many of us have experienced a hospital stay, or been with a loved one during theirs. In most cases we have complete trust in the credentials of the caregivers, because after all, being a nurse or a doctor requires rigorous study and evaluation. However, recent news has shown a startling situation that in fact highlights […]