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Weave was created at an institution by higher education professionals just like you. We’ve used Weave on our campuses, and we understand the unique challenges facing institutions, programs, faculty, and staff. In other words, we’ve been in your shoes.

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Breaking Barriers: Accrediting for Inclusion with Dr. Martha Mock

There are approximately 300 higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities across the United States. But currently, there is a lack of standardized accreditation systems in place for those […]

The Real Value of Accreditation

Many of us have experienced a hospital stay, or been with a loved one during theirs. In most cases we have complete trust in the credentials of the caregivers, because […]

Help! I Fell into the Assessment Field

Although most of us did not grow up saying “I want to be an assessment person”, we found ourselves attracted to the field for various reasons. Perhaps a mentor helped […]

100% Compliance – How Tarleton State Got There

Accreditation is high-stakes, detailed work. While it can be largely unseen, it is absolutely critical to an institution’s success. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to examine our programs […]

What Comes First: The Process or the Tool?

While assessment in higher education has matured, the technology available to support it has exploded in the past decade. There are so many options available, it can be difficult to […]

Solving Accreditation Fatigue with Technology: A Case Study with CAHME

with Dr. Anthony Stanowski President and CEO Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management As our communities increase calls for accountability, higher education accreditation has more visibility than ever before. Thoughtfully […]

Beginning the ABHE Accreditation Journey: A Case Study with Faith Bible College International

with Michael French Dean of Academic Affairs Faith Bible College International   While it isn’t the first analogy one might think of, an accreditation report is a story. It details […]

Putting the Fun Back Into Accreditation with Dr. Mark Lacelle-Peterson

Fun and accreditation do not usually appear in the same sentence together. But they should. When it’s fun, you know it’s working. In this episode, Dr. Amy Dykens, CEO of Weave, speaks […]

Are We Really Closing the Loop? Implementation Fidelity Opens that Black Box

Using results to inform and improve programs and learning is the foundation of assessment work. But what if the data or our interpretation is faulty?

IE Makeover: Simple Strategies to Simplify Processes and Increase Quality

Sometimes it can feel difficult to get excited about Institutional Effectiveness, not only as an individual but for a campus. Recently in a webinar Mount Saint Mary’s University shared their […]

Fear Not: Be Prepared for Your Accreditation Site Visit

While writing an accreditation report is challenging, many will confess the on-site visit intimidates them even more. It doesn’t have to! Dr. Josephine Welsh has participated at many levels of […]

Telling Your Story to Your Accreditor: 7 Practical Tips

Most assessment, accreditation, and IE directors didn’t set out to be in their roles. Typically the jobs were filled by organized faculty and staff with a true desire to understand […]