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Created by educators for educators, Weave’s Mission is to Improve Student Learning. Weave’s accreditation software is uniquely designed for institutional effectiveness and empowers higher education leaders to prepare for their institutional and programmatic accreditations. We do this through the lens of accreditation, assessment, learning analytics, and essential general education skills building.

Why? Because we’ve been in your shoes.

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Weave helps institutions, programs, and accrediting bodies by simplifying the process for both institutional and programmatic effectiveness, including accreditation, assessment, analytics, rubrics, curriculum mapping, strategic planning, program review, faculty credentials, and professional development.

Weave provides a centralized system for managing higher education assessment and accreditation that enables collaboration and helps create a campus-wide culture of continuous improvement. Our team of IE professionals continuously develop resources for the higher ed community, including articles, webinars, workshops, courses, videos, podcasts, and technology solutions.

Weave is uniquely designed to assist you with:

Getting faculty buy-in to ensure successful adoption

Managing both programmatic and institutional assessment in a single, powerful platform

Increasing transparency with powerful dashboards that provide insights at a glance

Submitting and storing all types of standards-related evidence in an easy-to-navigate, unlimited data repository

Institutional Effectiveness-Management Software Dashboard

Strengthening permissions and workflow management and making navigating the process easier than ever before

Creating dynamic reports that are adaptable, version-controlled, consistently formatted, and professionally presented

Employing up-to-date standards and criteria as your accreditation process evolves and new best practices emerge for your programs

With Weave, you can rely on professional support from our team of experts beginning with customization all the way
through implementation, training, and ongoing support. We’re there for you every step of the way.

Our Weave Community

With Weave, you’re not alone. We see our users as colleagues. More importantly, we see them as members of our Weave community. Our collaborative relationship with Weave members begins during a customized implementation, continues with user success communication, and includes our specialized resources designed to support and guide everyone involved in this important work.

As part of our extensive community, we welcome you to gain and share best practices that help us improve.

We  Our Members

We’re proud to to serve hundreds of institutions and programs from around the world. Whether private colleges, large universities, or global accreditation bodies, our solution and pricing can accommodate the needs of any size institution.

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Community Resources

Visit our Institutional Effectiveness Knowledge Center for best practices, tips, and advice from your colleagues and other assessment and planning professionals from colleges and universities around the world.

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Looking for more in-depth training?

Get more formal instruction through certification courses and workshop to build your assessment & accreditation planning skills. These live, virtual sessions include teaching and discussion with colleagues from various backgrounds in an interactive platform.


Find Out How Weave Can Help Your Team Succeed

If you want to learn more about Weave and how our solutions can help your institution simplify your assessment and accreditation activities, please send us a note or request a demo.

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Created for Educators, by Educators

Weave was created at an institution by higher education professionals just like you. We’ve used Weave on our campuses, and we understand the unique challenges facing institutions, programs, faculty, and staff.  We’re committed to providing the most user-friendly software on the market at a cost any size institution can afford.