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Built on best practices and with many options for customization, higher education institutions can have everything in one assessment software system.

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Higher Education Assessment Work is Complex and Daunting.

There’s a Better Way. 

Assessment requires constant attention and vigilance when you work in higher education. It provides a crucial opportunity to measure progress, reflect on your work, and create new plans to improve student learning and positively impact the student experience.


Simplify Your Processes with the Latest in Assessment Software Technology. 

Often the largest barrier to successful assessment is complexity. Too much data in too many places for too many reports. The solution? Simple and flexible processes for documentation and celebrating successes – with an easy-to-use assessment software system.

Eliminate Redundancy

Assessment data is often used for multiple purposes. When it’s in one system, users can create the reports they need with the pieces they want.

Achieve Assessment Buy-In

No more busy work! Increase quality with resources for assessment newbies, customized templates, and easy collaboration.

Streamline Processes

Complete assessment and reports for regional and programmatic accreditation, program review, and general education just one time. Comfortably standardize where needed but customize where necessary.

Save Time

Save time and headaches with an easy-to-use assessment software that is uniquely designed for higher education.

All-in-One Assessment Solution

Customized Language

Use the terminology that matches your process and programs. Create as many sets of language as you need, or just use one – it’s up to you!

All Types of Assessment

Course, program, department, administrative, co-curricular, general education – if you assess it Weave can house it.


Use strategic planning terminology and create plans for any level of the institution to track tactical actions and progress toward goals.

Getting started with assessment worksheet

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  • Tactical steps to starting assessment, like mission statements, goals and outcomes
  • How to clearly document your measures, outcomes and action plans

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Assessment Higher Education 101 Guide

“Weave is a wonderful assessment tool and has EXTREMELY wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional staff!!!!”

– Juliette Womack, Bishop State Community College

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