Embracing Collective Success with Collaborative Accreditation with Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher

Roberta Ross-Fisher

“Accreditation isn’t something we have to do. It’s something we should want to do as part of our mission to support students and provide them with a high-quality, high-value educational experience.” – Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher

Yet this mindset can take a while to fully grasp. Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher, higher education consultant of Global Educational Consulting, LLC, says many see accreditation as a carrot and a stick — accreditation is the stick and quality education is the carrot. But according to Dr. Ross-Fisher, this mindset is backwards. Accreditation is all carrot, no stick — fueled by pure intentions with students in mind. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles in the way. Fortunately, there are many thought leaders and colleagues actively advocating and working to break down barriers in the way of providing the best possible education across programs and institutions..

Join us as we discuss:

  • Recognizing and addressing current challenges in accreditation 
  • Accreditation as a vehicle for optimal collaboration
  • Potential future directions of accreditation in higher education

Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher

Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (K-8), a master’s degree in Reading/Literacy Education (K-12), and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She has many years of successful experience in educator preparation, competency-based education, online teaching & learning, regulatory compliance, and accreditation. Now an educational consultant, she was a public-school teacher for 16 years before becoming a professor and university administrator.

As a consultant, Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher supports higher education institutions in compliance & accreditation, quality assurance, competency-based education, and educator preparation. While she provides consultative services covering a variety of institutional and programmatic accrediting bodies, her particular area of expertise is the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). She is available for consultations, webinars, and workshops.

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Host: Dr. Amy Dykens, Weave, CEO

Guest: Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher, Global Educational Consulting, Higher Ed Consultant

Episode #: 18