Roberta Ross-Fisher

Embracing Collective Success with Collaborative Accreditation with Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher

“Accreditation isn’t something we have to do. It’s something we should want to do as part of our mission to support students and provide them with a high-quality, high-value educational experience.” - Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher Yet this mindset can take a while to fully grasp. Dr. Roberta Ross-Fisher, higher education consultant of Global Educational Consulting, [...]
Vince Erario

ALOs and IE Leaders: Partners in Accreditation

Always called to a life of helping others, Dr. Vince Erario, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research at Life University, accidentally found himself in education. Kicking off his career with nearly three decades of service as a chiropractor, Vince dipped his toes in politics, quality assurance and clinical work. On this episode, Vince joins [...]