Behind Enemy Lines: Understanding Program Accreditation w/ Anthony Stanowski


An accreditation visit can feel like an enemy encroaching on campus. Already suffering from accreditation fatigue, faculty and administrators just want to get that team off-campus as painlessly as possible.

But program accreditors offer institutions a chance to grow through a quality improvement process.

In this episode, I interview Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO of Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management, about how schools can benefit from accreditation processes.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Reasons accreditors aren’t the enemy
  • Why premier programs should seek program accreditation
  • How to eliminate accreditation fatigue
  • Following your sherpas

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Dr. Anthony Stanowski

Dr. Anthony Stanowski is the President & CEO for the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, known as CAHME. Anthony guides CAHME’s strategic vision and operations to advance the quality of healthcare management education globally.

CAHME is a programmatic accreditor. Since 1968, CAHME has accredited programs in healthcare management, and will begin to accredit programs in healthcare Quality and Safety. Under Anthony’s tenure which began in 2016, CAHME-Accredited programs increased by 53% as students have found that quality healthcare management education is best delivered through CAHME accredited programs.

Anthony’s career includes executive and management positions with a large academic health system, a community health system, two global Fortune 200 companies, and a private healthcare technology firm. Anthony serves on several boards, and notably, for this podcast is on the Board of Methodist College in Peoria, IL.

Anthony received his doctorate degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, graduate degrees from Drexel (Marketing) and Widener (Health Care Administration) Universities, and a bachelor’s (magna cum laude) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Podcast Info

Host: Dr. Amy Dykens, Weave, CEO

Guest: Dr. Anthony Stanowski, CAHME, CEO and President

Episode #: 4