Keeping a Leash on Your Dogma w/ Dr. Josie Welsh

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Dr. Josie Welsh, a leader in assessment and accreditation, joins the show today to share her perspective and insight on innovation in assessment, similarities and differences across accreditors, and helpful guidance for peer reviewers. Josie has a long list of impressive titles from President of Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education to a Team Chair for the Peer Corps of the Higher Learning Commission, and even a social psychologist.

In these roles, her main goal is to share her wealth of knowledge to affect real change in the accreditation and assessment space, whether that’s having an understanding of what is happening across different accreditors or thinking about what’s practical and replicable on different campuses.

Dr. Welsh’s main suggestion on how to accomplish change is quite simple; we must all decide we want to work together through assessment and accreditation to accomplish the mission of each institution.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The future of assessment in higher education and accreditation
  • How to really get the most out of assessment for your students
  • Being a peer evaluator and what the role really entails
  • NACIQI’s role in accreditation and relationship with accreditors
  • The upcoming AALHE conference

See Josie’s full bio below!

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Dr. Josie Welsh

Josie Welsh is a social psychologist who has worked in faculty and administration teaching research methodology and design and overseeing areas of assessment, institutional effectiveness, faculty development, curriculum management, and data analytics at small private, large public, and specialized institutions. She is president of the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) and serves as a team chair for the Peer Corps of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Josie also has served as a lead evaluator in the SACSCOC region and as an accreditation liaison officer within WSCUC. Josie frequently speaks and writes about trends in the field, the future of assessment, and the reaffirmation process. She advocates for mission-focused, broad approaches to assurance of learning and student success. Josie can be reached at

Podcast Info

Host: Dr. Amy Dykens, Weave, CEO

Guest: Dr. Josie Welsh, AALHE, President

Episode #: 6