When Learning Organizations Learn w/ Dr. Tisha Paredes

Tisha Paredes

Most institutions going through the accreditation process tend to panic if they get a ding. Inherently, however, assessment isn’t about proving how good you are. It’s about improving.

To institutions of learning, the notion that we aren’t perfect isn’t exactly novel.

In this episode, I interview Dr. Tisha Paredes, Accreditation Consultant and former Assistant Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness at Old Dominion University, about why the stress of accreditation can be good and steps for higher ed institutions to take to improve.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why assessment should lead to improvement
  • How to handle an identified weak area
  • Investing in people by demystifying accreditation
  • Becoming a reviewer
  • The future of accreditation

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Dr. Tisha Paredes

Dr. Paredes started in 2005 as a graduate assistant in the IE office and has held several positions there. In her former role, she worked closely with faculty and staff in creating assessment plans and reports as well as monitoring SACSCOC standards for the institution. Tisha is an experienced presenter, consultant, and author.

Podcast Info

Host: Dr. Amy Dykens, Weave, CEO

Guest: Dr. Tisha Paredes, Accreditation Consultant

Episode #: 3