Weave + ACCSC 2023

Weave +
ACCSC 2023

Weave is excited to attend the 2023 PDC! We look forward to engaging with everyone throughout the conference and staying connected. 


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 We are here to support the assessment and accreditation community with resources from short videos to professional development events.

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Accreditation in Higher Education is high-stakes and overwhelming. There’s a better way. View Weave’s solutions for unifying this work.

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Our Most Recent Podcast Episode:

Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy, and Quality: A Conversation with CHEA

with Dr. Cynthia Jackson Hammond


Accreditation is Complex. Let’s Make the Processes Easier.

As the push for accountability and evidence continues, accreditors, institutions, and programs have a critical role to play in the way forward and how unique higher ed stories are shared.

Focus on What Matters with a Comprehensive Platform Built by Colleagues
Technology has continued to shape the education landscape, and accreditation is no exception. As teams are remote and virtual, having the right tools to collaborate saves time and energy.

Weave promotes focusing on supporting genuine narrative writing by removing tedious team management, formatting, and back and forth communication. This is supported by thoughtful evidence and fostering meaningful, actionable, and timely feedback from reviewers – resulting in a rewarding partnership for accreditors, institutions, and programs.

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Bringing energy back to accreditation with a simplified, collaborative platform

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Read our Latest Case Study

Solving Accreditation Fatigue with Technology: A Case Study with CAHME

Dr. Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO, Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management

Accreditors and their member schools have the same goal – presenting to stakeholders how they fulfill their unique mission. However, many aspects of current processes are tedious and inefficient, resulting in fatigue and an end product that isn’t as useful as it could be. But there is a solution!

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