Weave Skills

A Better Way to Build

Essential Skills

Teach, measure, track, and analyze essential skills in one simple solution.

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Essential skills are called out as necessary by employers –

but how to develop and measure them? 

Weave Skills provides instructional content for and tracks student progress in critical thinking, writing, communication, reasoning and other essential skills from Gen Ed into majors’ programs and employment.

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Essential Skills for Higher Education

Now more than ever it is important for college graduates to be career-ready as they transition from academia to the dynamic world of work. While essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork are called out as necessary by employers, they are often inconsistently developed by students.


Lesson-based materials to teach and measure key essential skills all in one easy-to-use platform.

Assessment Management

Tag and measure student skills across all learning experiences.

Student Intentionality

Through reflection activities, students intentionally develop skills to support career readiness and narratives to shine in job interviews.

Improve Essential Skills

  • Gen Ed Curriculum
  • Student Success
  • 1st Year Experiences
  • Discipline-Specific Learning
  • Classroom or Online
Accreditation Software Higher Education

Weave Skills:

See how to better build competencies through essential skills.

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