Weave Analytics

Track Outcomes at All Levels

Assess, measure, track, and analyze learning outcomes across an institution, program, course, and student in one simple analytics solution.

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Streamlining and aligning numerous assessment practices across campus often proves daunting and cumbersome – there’s a better way

Weave Premium+ includes the ability to generate student level data and aggregated analytics reports by learning outcome. It is fully integrated with the learning management system and creates alignment across student, faculty, and administrator interests.

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Unleash the power of data that already lives in your existing assessments

The Weave Analytics tagging framework enables both centralized, institution-led, and decentralized faculty or program-led assessment methods. Whether an institution opts to utilize their own well-established rubrics, faculty developed tools, content, and assessment, or to use our library of instruments, consistent measurement is maintained.


Map from high level definitions to
concrete learning outcomes, through
assessment instruments in the classroom.

Apply Data Vertically

Trace learner performance and report against the
assignment, the course, in majors and programs,
or across the institution.

Identify Gaps

Identify specific skills where students succeed
or need improvement and use this information to plan future
curriculum adjustments.

Use Data for Near Term

Use performance data in near-time to remediate and adjust instructional content and assessments as needed.

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Weave Skills:

See how to better build competencies through essential skills.

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