Unify the Pieces of Accreditation
Readiness Work

With Weave for Programs, ensure program management and student success with better collaboration, clarity and quality.

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Focus your story by simplifying and centralizing all of your accreditation processes.

Seamlessly organize, collaborate, and track your progress all in one place.

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Focus on Collaboration

Utilize a system that works with faculty and key stakeholders, so everyone’s voice is heard and synthesized.

Focus on Cohesiveness

Provide insights and help your team visualize student learning and make impactful changes.

Focus on Clarity

Easily highlight strengths of your program with better transparency in your IE process, making it easier to define and measure success.

Program Leader Dashboard

Track student learning outcomes alignment to standards in real time and integrate with Administrative and Operational Assessment.

Student Learning Visualizations

Student and assignment level analysis via shared rubrics displays on dashboard widgets. At a glance, see top and low performance plus program level visual analysis of goals and outcomes.


Skills Assessment

Assess students demonstrating skills in real-time. Observe students doing certain skills and report those to your accreditor. Designed specifically for a faculty member to assess in real time - demonstrate.



Enhance your rubric design with a template library, utilize online rubric scoring of assignments to see program, course, and student level outcome analysis, complete with drill down capabilities.


Learning Analytics

Visuals that demonstrate achievement can be organized by student, assignment, course or program. Click and drill down into specific outcomes to determine areas in need of improvement.



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Yearly Hours Saved

Hear from our community

Watch the Video: Hear how your colleagues are using Weave to help improve their student learning.

"Weave is organized in a way that allows you to save your time and energy for the larger conversations about what we do with this information - what's meaningful about the data is how you talk about it, what it means for the students."

Melody Rensberger, Southern California University of Health Sciences

"The Program Review system is AMAZING."

Pensacola Christian College

"Love the organization and user-friendliness of the technology."

Southern University at Shreveport

"Our account rep is amazing! Always kind and happy; always happy to help. Working with her has made me consider expanding our use of additional products."

Touro University - New York

"It has served our institution well. It flows well, and has great staff support. "

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I saw Weave and knew immediately that's the piece that brought everything together where we need it in one place."

Allen Dreyer, Clarks Summit University

"The tools that they're offering are not just products of software labors they're products of their actual understanding of the things that we're putting into the software."

Michael J., Associate Director, Accreditor

Who is Weave for Programs best suited for?

Weave for Programs is specifically designed for program leaders and faculty to tie parts of accreditation together and impact student success. Weave was created by educators for educators including accreditation leaders, Institutional Effectiveness Directors, Assessment Directors and Program Review Managers.

What kind of support do you offer and how long does onboarding take?

Onboarding is supported with a welcome worksheet, project planning, video tutorials, one-on-one meetings, and institutional consultations. This is typically completed within a month or two, with no additional fees! We offer product level support through our HelpDesk, Resource Center, guided video tours, and live weekly trainings, as well as professional support through our case studies, eGuides, and weekly webinars.

What does Weave offer that others don't?

Weave takes pride in making our members accreditation ready through our dedicated customer service as much as we do our product. We are staffed with former higher ed professionals like you – it’s what puts us above the competition.

Are there any other benefits of being a Weave Premium Member?

Yes! Members get access to monthly Members Only Workshops with a Weave Expert, discounts on Weave Academy, and use of Weave Assessment Reports in your accreditation self study with a simple click of a button.

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