Faculty Credentials Management

A Simple Faculty Credentialing Solution

With easy online credentialing software, present a straightforward answer to how your faculty are qualified to teach their courses.

Calls for Increased Transparency Require Documentation of Faculty Qualifications.

There’s a Better Way. 

Many stakeholders – students, parents, and accreditors to name a few – want to know for certain that faculty have the expertise to teach courses. It’s easy for the credentialing process to become overwhelming and to quickly lose focus on answering basic questions.


Simplify Your Faculty Credentialing With Straightforward Software

Streamline your faculty documentation and create a living space for credential-related reports. Get a user-friendly predictive system that suggests alignments between qualifications and courses. Always be able to answer credentialing questions, at the click of a button.

Save Time

No more spreadsheets. Eliminate manual entry by easily uploading data and make modifications where needed.

Identify Gaps

Quickly sort faculty that are not aligned with courses and add documentation or alternate justification, all from the profile.

Be Prepared

Run audits at any time, make updates, and have reports ready for any stakeholder that needs them.

Simple Yet Powerful Online Credentialing Software

Auto-Suggested Alignment

Save hours of work with a system that auto-suggests appropriate alignments between qualifications and courses.

Live Reports

Easily run a report at any time on any segment of faculty.

Role-Based Friendly Interface

Assign credentials users to keep information secure. Streamline attention with easy workflows that focus on roster-type reports. 

Online Credentialing Software Faculty Management Tablet

How do assessment and faculty development go together?

Watch this webinar to learn how to improve student learning based on the data collected through the development process.

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