Weave + HEA 2021

Weave + Higher Education Assessment Conference 2021

Welcome conference attendees! With all that the past year brought and taught us, this is the perfect time to focus in so many ways.

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The shift to virtual professional development over the course of the last year has resulted in much progress in assessment and quality professional pedagogy. Engaging faculty in effective assessment practices is essential.  Come join this interactive session where we will share and discuss three lessons learned and very practical strategies to teach effective assessment practices to faculty and other stakeholders.  Find out about resources that will help you to be sure your culture of assessment is truly leading to the improvement of teaching and learning on your campus.


Anthony C. Marziliano
Director of Academic Assessment
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
St. John’s University

Ray Van Dyke, Ed.D., Weave Academy

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Your Guide to Successful Accreditation

Institutions like yours are integral to building the future. Accreditation is an opportunity for you to tell your story and highlight the unique ways you serve students and the community.

With help from Weave’s software and expertise, tell a complete, compelling, and conclusive story so you can continue your great work.

The Latest in Accreditation Technology

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FREE Accreditation Resources

Get the latest resources like eBooks, live and on-demand webinars, guides, checklists and articles.

Weave Academy Courses and Certifications

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Checklist Accreditation Management Software

Focus on What Matters with a Straightforward Accreditation Management Platform

The tedious parts of accreditation – team management, formatting, evidence alignment – is where valuable time is spent. What if the focus was writing narrative that reflects the hard work and successes of your programs and institution? Simple yet sophisticated accreditation software can make this a reality. 

Weave’s accreditation software includes:

  • Accreditation and assessment

  • Faculty credentials management

  • Strategic planning

  • Program review

  • And more!


Interactive Continuing Education with Weave Academy

What better way to focus than with a group of colleagues all working on the same goals? Weave Academy strives to provide just that. Practitioners benefit from formal training to build their skills within a supportive community where they can learn from each other. Added bonus: get certified while you’re at it! Check out our latest offerings to see what suits you best.

I credit the tools and context provided through the [Weave Academy] course with empowering me to develop the resources and knowledge to make the faculty feel supported throughout the process.

Jeremy Reich, Assessment & Accreditation Coordinator
New Jersey Institute of Technology


“WEAVE is making a tremendous impact on our improving student learning at CCBS.”

– Chris Dickerson, M.Div, D.Min, Ph.D, Carolina College of Biblical Studies

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With everything you’ve learned this past year, you are in a unique position to positively affect students for years to come. Now let’s focus on telling your assessment and accreditation story.

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