Vince Erario

ALOs and IE Leaders: Partners in Accreditation

Always called to a life of helping others, Dr. Vince Erario, Director of Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Research at Life University, found himself as an “accidental academic.” Kicking off his career with nearly three decades of service as a chiropractor, Vince ventured into politics, quality assurance, and clinical work. Dr. Erario joined us to discuss […]


Help! I Fell into the Assessment Field

Although most of us did not grow up saying “I want to be an assessment person”, we found ourselves attracted to the field for various reasons. Perhaps a mentor helped us find the field or maybe we participated in a committee, but now we find ourselves doing assessment work full-time, sometimes without a lot of […]

Using Elements of Evidence-Based Storytelling-to Tell Your Assessment Story

What Comes First: The Process or the Tool?

While assessment in higher education has matured, the technology available to support it has exploded in the past decade. There are so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow them down. However, there is a larger question to answer. Can a software tool be successful without an already well-established institutional effectiveness and assessment […]


Solving Accreditation Fatigue with Technology: A Case Study with CAHME

with Dr. Anthony Stanowski President and CEO Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management As our communities increase calls for accountability, higher education accreditation has more visibility than ever before. Thoughtfully deciding what standards indicate the quality of institutions and programs so that students, families, government officials, and employers know and believe in the quality of […]

Michael French

Beginning the ABHE Accreditation Journey: A Case Study with Faith Bible College International

with Michael French Dean of Academic Affairs Faith Bible College International   While it isn’t the first analogy one might think of, an accreditation report is a story. It details how an institution fulfills its unique mission while upholding shared standards of excellence. It celebrates successes and identifies areas for growth. Accreditation is rooted in […]


Fear Not: Be Prepared for Your Accreditation Site Visit

While writing an accreditation report is challenging, many will confess the on-site visit intimidates them even more. It doesn’t have to! Dr. Josephine Welsh has participated at many levels of accreditation, and shared her insights in her webinar. The Visiting Team The most critical aspect of this part of the accreditation process is actually empathy […]