Weave + Assessment Institute 2020

Assessment Institute 2020 + Weave Education

Welcome conference attendees! Take a look around, join us for the Live Panel Session and get your copy of the 7 Practical Tips eBook. We’d love to meet you (over coffee, our treat!) and show you how Weave can help simplify your assessment process.

Join the Live Panel Session

Assessment From an
Accreditation Perspective

Tuesday, October 27  |  4:15 – 5:15pm ET

Join us as we interview assessment experts from various regions and institutions to share their experience leading accreditation work on campus. You’ll hear about topics like:

  • The best advice for a new assessment professional
  • The most effective way to tell your assessment story to reviewers
  • Keys to assessment victories
  • Advice for hosting a virtual accreditation event

Get Your Copy of the eBook:
7 Practical Tips: How Assessment & Accreditation Weave Together

Download the FREE eBook where you will learn 7 practical tips on how to tie your assessment work to your next accreditation. You’ll see:

  • Background insights on assessment & accreditation
  • Immediately implementable ideas like how to complete a self-audit and build relationships based on communication
  • Additional valuable resources to guide you

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Your Guide to Institutional Effectiveness 

The institutional effectiveness quest can be challenging without helpful tools. With Weave, you’ll get resources to guide you, like:   

FREE Assessment and Accreditation Resources

Get the latest resources like eBooks, live and on-demand webinars, guides, checklists and articles.
See the Knowledge Center >

Weave Academy Curriculum and Courses

Get in-depth institutional effectiveness training and certification. Learn more >

Improvement Technology

Created for educators by educators, this software simplifies the process for both institutional and programmatic effectiveness. Request a demo >


Simplify Your Processes with the Latest in Assessment Software Technology. 

Often the largest barrier to successful assessment is complexity. Too much data in too many places for too many reports. The solution? Simple and flexible processes for documentation and celebrating successes – with an easy-to-use assessment software system.

Eliminate Redundancy

Assessment data is often used for multiple purposes. When it’s in one system, users can create the reports they need with the pieces they want.

Achieve Assessment Buy-In

No more busy work! Increase quality with resources for assessment newbies, customized templates, and easy collaboration.

Streamline Processes

Complete assessment and reports for regional and programmatic accreditation, program review, and general education just one time. Comfortably standardize where needed but customize where necessary.

Save Time

Save time and headaches with an easy-to-use assessment software that is uniquely designed for higher education.

All-in-One Assessment & Accreditation Solution

Customized Language

Use the terminology that matches your process and programs. Create as many sets of language as you need, or just use one – it’s up to you!

All Types of Assessment

Course, program, department, administrative, co-curricular, general education – if you assess it, Weave has a workflow and report.


Use strategic planning to track progress toward goals and program reviews to reflect on quality and priorities.


“Weave is a wonderful assessment tool and has EXTREMELY wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional staff!!!!”

– Juliette Womack, Bishop State Community College

Ready to Simplify Your Assessment & Accreditation Processes?


We’d love to show you a demo over coffee, our treat! Request a custom demo and you’ll receive advice on your current assessment & accreditation system, as well as an overview of how Weave can simplify your workflows, improve collaboration and make your accreditation process a success.

And as a 2020 Assessment Institute attendee, request a custom demo before November 16 and we’ll ship you your own mug and bag of Starbucks® coffee direct to your door!

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