Weave + AGLS 2023

Weave + AGLS 2023

Weave is excited to participate again this year! We look forward to engaging with everyone throughout the conference and staying connected. 

Weave Pre-Conference Workshops

Both workshops will be offered as a morning and afternoon session!

You can register for both ($250) or just one ($185).

Lunch and an evening reception are included with both options.

Thursday, September 21st
9-11:30AM or 1-3:30PM

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Bringing energy back to accreditation with a simplified, collaborative platform

Weave’s Mission is to Improve Student Learning

We accomplish this through professional development and technology solutions.

As IE Practitioners Ourselves:

We highly value the important role general education plays in student learning and institutional effectiveness, and we are excited to partner with AGLS and contribute support for their community of practitioner-scholars focused on general education.

We look forward to collaborating not only for the consortium and pre-conference workshops, but also long term on resources and offerings that we hope have a wide impact on this work.

From Stephen Biscotte, President AGLS

“For AGLS, an organization long dedicated to providing a collaborative community and nuts-and-bolts just-in-time support for Gen Ed Leaders, we see a collaboration with Weave as a terrific opportunity to pool general education and assessment resources, tools, and expertise together for members and Constitute attendees. It brings like-minded colleagues together to collaborate and share, folks who have been in the trenches doing the day-to-day work of general and liberal education. Weave leadership and knowledge center experts have been intimately involved with gen ed reform, assessment, and accreditation work at the institutional, state, regional, and national level, bringing an unmatched level of experience and trust to every resource they offer.

In addition, in a time of rising costs and tightening budgets, this partnership allows members’ professional development travel and funds to go further while expanding our conference locations and activities. AGLS members can access workshops, courses, white papers, joint projects, and tools they may not have otherwise found. Weave regulars will be looped into the vibrant collegial AGLS community of practitioners. With such creative, thoughtful, passionate people involved, I have no doubt that the AGLS-Weave partnership will yield exciting new opportunities for Gen Ed Leaders for years to come.”

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Assessing General Education is Hard to Do: A Webinar with Cameron University

Dr. Karla Oty, Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accountability, Cameron University

Cameron University, a recent NILOA Excellence in Assessment award designee, developed a process for assessing general education. If you have struggled with general education or are planning a related initative, watch this webinar dedicated to addressing some issues encountered when trying to build and implement a process for this.

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