Weave + ABHE 2024

Weave + ABHE 2024
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At ABHE, everyone is a Weave member! We look forward to learning how you are using Weave for your self-study and sharing how we can further support this work through assessment, program review, and more.

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Introduction to Weave for Self-Study

Michael Jackson, ABHE, and Terra Boston, Weave

Thursday, February 15th  |  11:00am ET

The Accreditation Processes is Easier with Weave.

Accreditors, institutions, and programs have a critical role to play in how unique higher ed stories around student learning, outcomes, and academic quality are shared.

Focus on What Matters with a Comprehensive Platform Built for You

Having the right tools to simplify the process saves time and improves results.

Weave promotes sharing stories and data around student learning and outcomes to showcase academic quality. Through a collaborative platform for programs, institutions, reviewers, and accreditors – this results in a streamlined experience for all.

Stop by to share your experiences with Weave and learn how we can further support you!

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Bringing the focus of academic quality back to student learning and outcomes with a simplified, collaborative platform

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Weave for ABHE

Member Directory
Annual Reporting
Evaluator Management
Self-Study Submissions
Special Reports

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Weave for ABHE Members

Learning Analytics
Curriculum Mapping
Program Review
Strategic Planning

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Included Onboarding and Resources

Tailored implementation and onboarding
Member & Evaluator training
Webinars, eBooks, & More Resources in the Knowledge Center
Exceptional Service and Support

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Read our Latest Case Study

Solving Accreditation Fatigue with Technology: A Case Study with CAHME

Dr. Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO,
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management (CAHME)

Accreditors and their member schools have the same goal – presenting to stakeholders how they fulfill their unique mission. However, many aspects of current processes are tedious and inefficient, resulting in fatigue and an end product that isn’t as useful as it could be. But there is a solution!

Watch Our Recent Podcast Episode

Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy, and Quality Assurance: A Conversation with CHEA

Dr. Cynthia Jackson Hammond, President,
Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

A passionate advocate for academic quality and institutional autonomy in higher education, Dr. Cynthia Jackson Hammond highlights the future of higher education and accreditation including AI, DEI, and facilitating open discussion and safe harbors.

View ABHE Member Testimonials

“Organizational Structure…
Consistent Reporting…
Great Resources”

Brittany Williams, Alaska Christian; Donald Kammer, Ascent; Aaron Profitt, God’s Bible; Chevonne Stewart, Beulah Heights

Hear ABHE members share their experiences with Weave. From providing systematic organization and receiving exceptional service, learn how we support programs, institutions, and accreditors to simplify the accreditation process – allowing for a more streamlined experience.

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