General Education Assessment


General education (GE) can be complex, large, disparate, and contain many moving parts; thus, creating challenges when trying to determine how well students are attaining foundational skills. At time, assessing the effectiveness of GE falls on a few faculty or staff members, making it overwhelming and cumbersome. This workshop will explore ways to reduce burdens that come with assessing GE. Meaningful and feasible plans for assessing GE will be discussed. Ideas will be presented on how to involve faculty with assessing student leaning. Participants will be asked to think about how they will apply concepts presented.


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Participant Outcomes:

Join us to learn how to:

  • Outline a plan for assessing GE
  • Identify ways to reduce obstacles/challenges
  • Determine strategies to foster faculty support and participation
  • Consider ideas on how use the data for improvement
  • Adapt approaches to home institutions



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