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Creating a Systematic and
Collaborative Program Review

Learn how to create a data-driven process that results in continuous improvement with Dr. Kathleen Gorski of Waubonsee Community College.


Assessment Techniques
in Student Affairs

In this webinar, Dr. Darby Roberts and Kelly Cox of Texas A&M University discuss the role of student affairs in assessment and how to document effectiveness in student affairs.

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The Four-Year Countdown Guide
to Successful Accreditation

This comprehensive accreditation guide starts four years out from accreditation and covers the most important tasks and tips, as well as potential obstacles, to help guarantee a successful accreditation. 


Assessment and Accreditation Summer Checklist

This checklist is for both faculty and administrators preparing for the start of a new school year. Use the checklist to reflect on the past year, plan and start the new year on the right foot.


Preparing for the Upcoming
School Year: Summer Checklist
and Training Models

Have you started to prepare for the upcoming school year? Are you panicking about your endless to-do list? Don’t fear, Weave is here to help!


An In-depth Q&A Panel on Accreditation

This unique webinar is perfect for hearing answers to common questions, comparing notes and learning from peers working in assessment and accreditation.


A Simple Model for Learning Improvement

Dr. Keston Fulcher of James Madison University covers how to focus on and create a culture of learning improvement.


Moving Assessment from Compliance to Continuous Improvement

Join Mary Clark of Carteret Community College to learn how to create a positive cultural change around assessment at your institution. 


Coordinating Program Reviews: What works? What doesn’t?

Dr. Catherine Wehlburg of Texas Christian University covers how to organize internal and external program reviews and how to overcome obstacles in the process. 


A Guide to Building and Assessing the QEP with Faculty

 Dr. Tisha Paredes of Old Dominion University discusses how to engage faculty in the planning and implementation of the QEP. 


A Simple Framework for Non-academic Program Review

Learn the six pillars to ensure departmental sustainability and institutional vitality with Dr. Edward Hummingbird of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.